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Mastering the Art of Mixology: A Beginner’s Guide to Bartending

By | May 25, 2023

Welcome to the glamorous world of mixology! Whether you’re an aspiring bartender, a home enthusiast looking to impress your guests, or simply someone curious about the craft of cocktail-making, this beginner’s guide is here to help you master the art of mixology. In this article, we will explore the fundamental techniques, essential tools, and key… Read More »

3 Useful Books About Bartending

By | March 25, 2023

Bartending Basics: A Complete Beginner’s Guide Thomas Morrell Thomas Morrell has spent over thirteen years in the restaurant and bar industry. He has worked as a busboy, dishwasher, server, host, cook, manager and most importantly as a bartender. Over the years many people have asked him how they can become a bartender too. This book… Read More »

What Is the Average Pay for a Bartender at a Restaurant?

By | April 11, 2015

Bartenders usually start out in other food service jobs and move up to the position by learning at work. However, expensive establishments usually hire bartenders with experience or who are graduates of vocational training programs. The job doesn’t have any specific educational requirement. Eighteen is the legal minimum age in most states, although some employers… Read More »

23 Things You Did Not Know About Bartending Until You Tended Bar

By | January 21, 2010

Until recently I was one of the most over-trained bartenders who had never really tended bar. I’ve passed BarSmarts and the full B.A.R., attended zillions of little classes at places like Tales of the Cocktail and Bourbon & Branch’s Beverage Academy, watched and reviewed about a dozen bartending DVDs, and even won an online cocktail… Read More »