A WARNING about “Online Bartending Courses”

Online Bartending Course

Dear Prospective Student,

Over the past few years, many different “Online Bartending Courses” have started appearing on the internet:

Each one of these programs claims to be owned by “true” bartending schools. They refer to these as “brick and mortar schools.” It appears that both online and “true” schools are profitable for them.

I have been successfully training and placing bartenders since 1987 (over 23 years experience) so figured it was in my school’s best interest to investigate “Online Bartending Courses.” I wanted to see if we might be missing the boat, since training bartenders is what I do for a living. The final conclusion was…


Plain and simple: This is a very hands on job and it must be learned that way.

If “Online Bartending Courses” really worked, I would be all over it. Consider all the costs I could save by only offering Bartending Classes Online:

  1. Rent on our 9 schools across Texas.
  2. Payroll for the instructors, job placement directors and school staff.
  3. Telephone Lines.
  4. State Licensing Fee.
  5. Bar equipment.

So in Closing , ask yourself this question:

Can you learn how to drive a car online without behind-the-wheel experience?

Remember all of the bar owners and managers who call our schools seeking freshly trained bartenders. Our job placement percentages speak for themselves. If you are going to bartend here in Texas then you need to visit the “Request Info” page and give us a shout. We would love for you to come by the school and watch us work with our students. I know if you choose to train with us, you’ll be VERY pleased with the end result.

Jim Shearer, Owner