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Houston Bartending School

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Houston has been very good to Texas School of Bartenders. We started our first school in 1990 at 3311 Richmond Avenue, back when Richmond Ave was the place to be. The Houston party scene has changed a lot since those days. We watched the scene move to Shepherd Plaza in the early 90s, and eventually downtown.

Now, the city is flooded with lucrative bartending opportunities from downtown to area arenas and the upper end Hotels, Restaurants and Country Clubs throughout the region. And all across the market, Texas School of Bartenders graduates have been a main choice for hiring managers for over 20 years.

Bartending makes for an excellent full or part time job. Just think about how much money you have given to the bartender. The income potential is limitless. If you’ve considered on getting your hands on some of that money, call the Texas School of Bartenders now to jump-start your exciting bartending career!

We have classes starting every Monday and have 3 convenient locations in Houston.
Please visit the “Request Info”page and fill out the Information form. We will get right back with you. We suggest you arrange a time to come to the nearest location and watch us work with our students. I know that if you decide to train with us you will be VERY pleased with the end result.